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INNOVA TAXFREE in France If you live outside the European Union, you are entitled to claim a refund of the taxes you pay on your purchases

Ask for your tax-free documents


Normal rate: 20%
Reduced rate: 10%
Super-reduced rate: 5,5%
Minimum Purchase: €175,01

Stamp your documents at Customs


Tourists have three months to stamp the tax-free document before leaving the European Union

Cash your tax-free documents or get a refund by credit card


Cash your tax-free documents at our refund points or get your refund by credit card. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to collect your tax free refund.

For more information, marketing materials or to become a member of the INNOVA TAXFREE system, please fill in the following form and we will contact you:

Retail Services

Accesos Clientes


Off Line Services

An innova taxfreee system for the emission of tax free forms printed in the store (ticket or DIN A4)
Automatic tax-free Printing (ATP):

System installed in the store computer.
The application calculates the VAT and the refund.

An INNOVA TAXFREE system for the emission of tax free forms printed in the store (ticket or DIN A4)
Document Creation Tax-Free on-line, by  Internet, without filling documents by hand.
Safety guaranteed by user id and password.
On-line access stadistics.
e-taxfree application  is housed in servers of maximum security from innova taxfree group property, and  the information is transmitted through optical fiber high-flow, ensuring speed, security, stability, free 24 / 7

All stores must work with the PABLO system for tax free issuance in France.

From January 1st all forms must be electronic and connected to the French Customs PABLO system.

INNOVA TAXFREE FRANCE adapts all its services to this new system with the aim of improving services for tourists.

An INNOVA TAXFREE system for the emission of tax- free printed

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