Devolución Tax Free


If you reside outside the European Union,
you are entitled to a VAT refund on your purchases.


Realiza tus compras

Ask for an Innova tax-free form and fill in your details

Ask for your tax-free document whenever you see the Innova Taxfree logo when making purchases.


Stamp your documents at Customs

When you leave the EU, present your tax-free documents to Customs.

Customs may ask you to show them the goods purchased. Remember: this can be no later than 3 months after the date of purchase.

Devolución Tax Free

Cash your tax-free form

Send your Innova taxfree document stamped by Custom and you will get the money back on your credit card. You can also get your refund in cash at the moment in the place.

Cash Refund

Devolución de IVA a turistas

Tourists must get the tax-free forms stamped at the airport, port or border crossing and then go to any of the refund locations of the Innova Taxfree group.

The form must be legible and contain all the required details (name, last name, passport number, country of residency, email address).

Credit card refund

Tourist must:

  • Send the stamped form to Innova Taxfree, in the prepaid envelope provided at the shop.
  • Provide the number of the credit card where you wish to receive your refund in the tax-free form. The form must be legible and contain all the required details (name, last name, passport number, country of residence, email address).

Refund in advance

Tourists may request the tax refund from the shop at the time of purchase. This is called “refund in advance”.

City Cash Program

City Cash Tax-Free is the name of the system created by the Innova Taxfree Group that enables tourists to obtain a tax refund for their purchases in advance.

In order to guarantee that tourists complete the tax-free process after the cash refund is given by City Cash, the customer’s credit card is used as a guarantee, with a 30-day pre-authorization. This is the time you have to receive your VAT refund in advance.

During this time, tourists must mail the tax-refund check stamped by customs to the offices of the Innova Taxfree Group. If tourists don’t send the required document within the period indicated, 100% of the corresponding tax will be charged to their credit cards.

Innova taxfree cancels the pre-authorization upon receiving the stamped documents.

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